Beverages and Bagpipes at the Broadmoor

Recently my husband and I took advantage of the warm Colorado evening (and the kids being at a rock concert at Red Rocks) and we ventured over to the Broadmoor Hotel’s West Lobby Bar’s patio for a drink date.  Within minutes of our beverages being delivered, a Scottish Bagpiper crossed the bridge over Cheyenne Lake and serenaded us.  Were we really only a few miles away from home?

If you haven’t been to the Broadmoor, this particular lounge offers fabulous and unusual tapas in a casual setting (though be prepared to pay a five-star price for a small serving). While we hadn’t planned on eating our dinner lakeside, I was pleasantly surprised to find allergy-free options on the short menu.  George and I shared crab claws (he dipped in a mustard aioli sauce), and then he gobbled up a lobster “corndog” while I enjoyed Wagyu beef sliders on gluten-free bread with sauteed onions and apple-wood smoked bacon. Delicious!  The server was knowledgeable about food allergies as one would expect someone who works at a highend resort to be.  I didn’t have to worry about cross-contamination or whether I explained my special needs clearly; I knew I’d wake up in the morning feeling just fine.

Of course, the tapas weren’t enough for George.  We headed over to another local restaurant so he could fill up. Sadly, there wasn’t one gluten-free, allergy-free item on the menu.  Sigh.  When it comes to special dietary needs, I wish all restaurants strived to be five-star.

Have you discovered any unexpected extraordinary restaurants this summer?

What do you think . . .

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