A Rash Decision

Yesterday I decided to take care of this annoying rash on my face and neck that’s been plaguing me for quite some time.  Why now?  Well, I’ll be attending the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference this weekend and I didn’t want to look like I’d forgotten to take off my Halloween mask.

The ironic thing is this conference is full of people with ALLERGIES.  A rash looks perfectly normal to them.  But you know, a girl likes to look good.

Went to the doctor’s and got a prescription. First pharmacy didn’t have the ointment in stock so had to drive across town to another pharmacy and wait an hour.

Then the lady at the counter looked me in the eye and said, “Did your doctor tell you how much this was going to cost?”  Never a good sign.


Yep, you’re reading that right.  $166 for that tiny little tube that’s the size of cement glue!  By the way, I have “good” health insurance;  makes you wonder what I’d pay if I had “bad” health insurance.

Next I headed off to Walgreens to replace some old makeup that might be irritating my skin and to take a look at some recommended sensitive skin products. Anna at Walgreens was incredibly knowledgeable.  $100 later I was back in my car.


Good news is my face is already looking better. Bad news is I spent more than the airline ticket to Las Vegas cost.

If you’ll be at the conference, please introduce yourself!  If you’re not going, I’ll be live blogging during and after the sessions … after all, I have no money left for gambling.

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“A Rash Decision” originally appeared in Adventures of an Allergic Foodie.


3 thoughts on “A Rash Decision

  1. I have a few medications that I pay for out of my pocket like my compounded antifungal because the insurance does not cover compounded medications. I once had an antibiotic ordered for me and the noninsurance cost was $1300. YIKES! I look forward to your live blogging of the event.


  2. I have had a lot of problems with my skin lately, and discovered that oils work on ‘bad’ days. Instead of using toners or astringents, I put oil (argan, olive, vitamin E, whatever I feel like) on a couple cotton balls and gently swab my face in circular motions. It actually seems to get more dirt and impurities out than the harsh products I was using and leaves my skin more receptive to adding moisturizer and makeup. I tend to splurge on higher end face products, but discovered some good inexpensive items at Wal-Mart and the Dollar General. I like Aveeno’s excema lotion and Fruit of the Earth vitamin E cream (got 2 for $3.75 at Dollar General). I also like Gold Bond CoQ10 lotion. Also, just a side note that may or may not help: I found that olive oil, for whatever reason, helps me when my skin really breaks out in an itchy rash. I cannot use cortisone cream and discovered during a moment of desperation that olive oil would soothe the itch and make the rash disappear. Weird!


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