Adult Food Allergies: You Are Not Alone

Do you ever feel like you’re the only adult with food allergies?

I sure did. When I was diagnosed, I hardly knew anything about food allergies. I’d read the horrific media accounts of children dying from anaphylaxis, and several children in my sons’ classes had peanut allergies.  My hair stylist’s grandson reacted to strawberries.  But no one in my circle of friends and family had developed food allergies later in life.

I was an enigma.  Or so I thought.

Last night at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Las Vegas,  I didn’t feel so alone. Kate, a thirty-something who blogs at, found out about her life-threatening allergy to lentils when she ate a bowl full–she’d eaten lentils all her life and never reacted before!  More food allergies followed for Kate.

Connie, whose in midlife like me and hosts, discovered her allergy to iodine when she had a medical procedure done.  Iodine is in salt and salted foods.  How difficult avoiding salt must be!

Food Allergy Bloggers Conference

As I looked around the crowded room, eating my delicious gluten-free pasta with allergen-free pesto, I watched others squint at the ingredient signs in front of the prepared foods–how fantastic is was to have the ingredients listed by the chef!  I watched as people flipped boxes over to carefully scrutinize the ingredients. The service dog perusing the room didn’t seem unusual.  The ladies surrounding me compared their medical alert bracelets and discussed the progress of epipens.

It all felt so normal.

Here’s another post about the conference.


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