Hate When I Poison My Kids

Recently I gave my two sons food that made them sick. I mailed the youngest in college cereal that was not gluten-free and served my oldest dairy.

I poisoned them!

Gluten is Poison for SomeAfter five years of gluten- and dairy-free cooking and shopping, you’d think I’d have this celiac/allergy thing down by now. But nope, I still make mistakes.

Now my “kids” are young men and can fend for themselves. They are certainly capable of reading labels. However, I’ve been their mother much longer than they’ve been coping with celiac disease and a dairy allergy and they trust me. If I mail them a college care package, they’ll believe the food is safe. If I put the plate on the table, they won’t question whether they can eat it.

Well, they used to trust me.

Until I poisoned them.

A while back Costco carried 24-oz packages of Udi’s Natural Artisan Granola and the packaging said “soy free, wheat free, dairy free.”  I assumed it was the same Udi’s gluten-free granola I always ate. But I should have noted “wheat free” versus “gluten free.”  I didn’t. That is until just this week when I was eating it myself and I realized the oats weren’t certified gluten-free oats. Well, that explains the weeks College Boy was doubled over in pain. Oh a mother’s guilt.

Then there was the memorable Thanksgiving meal. We ordered a turkey, sides and gravy from a trusted source. I ensured–over and over again–that the food didn’t contain gluten. I forgot to ask if the gravy had dairy.  Poor kid worked the night shift and spent Thanksgiving evening in the bathroom. The gravy was made with heavy cream!

And these lentils  . . .  how did I miss the red wording: Contains Dairy.

Dairy in ingredients

If you’re a parent, you understand parental guilt. It’s okay if I eat the wrong thing, but it’s never okay for me to feed my kids gluten/dairy-containing food.

Luckily, my boys have forgiven me, though I’ve noticed them checking ingredient lists more.

That’s probably a good thing.


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Hate When I Poison My Kids first appeared at Adventures of an Allergic Foodie.

12 thoughts on “Hate When I Poison My Kids

  1. Wow! You must have to be so vigilant about every single ingredient and check and double-check. I give you a lot of credit, Amy! You’ve done your homework and are educating so many others, including your family! Great job and too bad for your sons, but hopefully as you say, they now double-check their ingredients too.


      • You will possibly find that all allergy meds contain lactose. Here in Australia that is the case. My son has claratyne when he reacts and the tablets have lactose. I mentioned this to our GP and he checked and they all did. I’m sure the claratyne medicine he had when he was younger didn’t. It’s to do with the tablets.


        • Thanks, Jillian. I guess we are going to have to look into more natural allergy meds because he has horrific seasonal allergies! Poor kid has been feeling bad all these years and it may have been as simple as a tiny pill. Tx for writing. My niece is living in Australia now! I want to visit!


  2. So many tricky tricky products out there. Maybe you’re right about it being a good thing since it has made them take a little bit more responsibility. I know it doesn’t help you get over being imperfect as a food allergy mom (as we all are).


  3. You have to read labels constantly because ingredients change. Sometimes we get so complacent with what we have been using that we forget to check for changes. My sister still talks about the time she almost killed me with a Thanksgiving dinner. She used allspice. I am deathly allergic to it. She makes sure to assure me each time she bakes something that there is no allspice in it.


  4. Hugs! I’ve been there too. I actually sent my poor child into anaphylaxis. AWFUL! We all make mistakes. We love our kids and try the best we can for them and we teach them to take care of themselves along the way. It’s the best we can do!


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