Celiac Disease Wasn’t a Part of the College Plan

Today is my son’s 21st birthday so I thought I’d re-blog this post about how he figured out he had celiac disease when he was in college. I’m happy to report that he’s doing a great job eliminating gluten from his diet–not easy for a college student! And today he picked up a gluten-free, dairy free vegan chocolate birthday cake from Vegan Vee in Nashville, TN. I’ll post a picture later on Instagram #anallergicfoodie
If you are a student in college or have a child in college, I’d love to hear from you.

Adventures of an Allergic Foodie

Within weeks of my celiac disease diagnosis, I had my two sons tested. Both grew up with “sensitive stomachs” so I was surprised—yet relieved—when their blood tests came back negative for CD. I knew firsthand the difficulties of cutting gluten out of a diet (along with soy, dairy, corn and a host of other foods for me), and I was glad my kids could continue their youth grazing on bagels, pizza, chicken nuggets, and burgers.  While my oldest is lactose intolerant, he simply takes a pill to help him digest dairy.

Unfortunately, there are no magic pills for those of us with celiac disease.

Fast forward five years. Sons are in college.

college life

The youngest comes home for Thanksgiving break looking gaunt. He blames the cafeteria’s food, insisting they put laxatives in the food to keep kids from getting food poisoning (a popular urban myth, I learn through a quick investigation on the…

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