Contact Me

I love to hear from READERS!  Email me at I always try to answer, but sometimes it takes a few days . . . uh, weeks.

COMPANIES who want me to review their allergy-friendly food and books and alcoholic beverages can ask me for my address. However, remember I’m an allergic foodie with celiac disease.  That means I have other allergies in addition to gluten. However, if you want to send gf-only food to my celiac son, he’ll be most appreciative. He will not, however, write about your product–I barely get texts from him!

Just because you mailed me something doesn’t guarantee a blog post. Your chances will increase if:

1. Your product doesn’t make me sick.

2. Your product tastes good (unless your product is a book, then the taste test is waived).

3. Your product will benefit my readers.

4. You offer to run a giveaway, driving thousands of readers to my blog.


I look forward to hearing from you!




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