The Allergic Foodie Rap

The Allergic Food Rap


See those  girls at the bar banning gluten to look fit?

They’ve got no clue how rye and wheat make a celiac sick.

They sip their Skinny Girl martinis and Omission beer,

Feeling like Gwyneth Paltrow when it was cool to be her.

Even Dr. Oz can’t decide if gluten-free is good or bad,

But smart chefs sure know how to profit on a fad.

Every corner restaurant got wheat-free spaghetti,

Even the waiters say no bread’s made them skinny.

“Well good for you,” An Allergic Foodie wanna say,

“I haven’t lost a pound since eating this way.”

Neither can the girl eat dairy, corn and soy–all make her sick.

Ah, yes dude, take out your pen and pad–this isn’t a trick.

This girl’s diet has nothing to do with the media craze,

For most, this gluten-free thing is just another phase.

But after the gluten-free menus are long gone,

A.F.’s need for A.F. food will still be goin’ strong.

So treat her right–don’t give that girl food without checking

That nothing she eats will be a reaction in the making.

Your tip will reflect the attention you’ve given,

To make sure that girl leaves your restaurant livin’.

But see those girls at the bar skippin’ the crackers?

They don’t get how for celiacs gluten-free matters.

At the end a meal, celiacs will pass on the cake.

But NOT  the girls at the bar cuz their GF diets are fake.

(C) Amy E. Tracy

The Allergic Foodie Rap originally appeared on Adventures of an Allergic Foodie.

An Allergic Foodie: What Restaurants Did Wrong in 2013

What Restaurants Did Wrong in 2013

An Allergic Foodie’s Top-Ten List

Whittling down my worst restaurant experiences in 2013 wasn’t easy. This says a lot about the restaurant industry not meeting the needs of those of us who require extra help ordering off a menu and some special food prep back in the kitchen.  Here’s hoping 2014 will bring more attentiveness from wait staff, restaurant owners and managers, and chefs!

Drumroll, please . . . 

10.  Halfway through eating our gluten-free meals, the waiter says to my son and me, “The stewed peaches were cooked with flour—that’s why we served them on the side.”   —Urban Grub, Nashville, TN

9.  After clearly explaining my allergies—no gluten, dairy, soy, corn—the waitress returns to the table and says, “Is it okay to cook in butter?” (To be fair, the chef did come to my table later to confirm my allergies.)  —Craftwood Inn, Manitou Springs, CO

8.  The “gluten-free” oysters are delivered with saltines on top. When I explain I cannot have any wheat touching any food due to extreme sensitivity, the waitress says, “We’ll just take them off then.” (The oysters came back from the kitchen way too fast so I didn’t eat them.) The Famous, Colorado Springs, CO

An Allergic Foodie: What Restaurants Did Wrong in 2013

 7.  I order a salad sans the cheese, croutons and candied walnuts and ask to substitute veggies for all the ingredients I can’t eat. I am charged extra for the veggies. –Every Panera Bread I’ve eaten in and most chain restaurants

6.  I order an Iced Coffee at McDonald’s. I explain I have allergies and therefore do not want cream or flavoring. The cashier charges me for an Iced Latte. I ask her to charge me for a regular coffee because that is what I get–a regular coffee with ice. The manager says they can’t do that. –-A McDonald’s somewhere on the highway between Kansas and Georgia

5.  After ordering a dairy-free sauce, I rave over the delicious gluten-free pasta and veggies. “It’s the cream that makes it taste good,” says the waiter.Eden Inn, Positano, Italy (This really happened in 2012, but it still haunts me!)

4.  The waitress, who says she has extensive allergies herself, arrives with my salad topped with cheese. I tell her the kitchen made a mistake and send it back. She leaves, turns back, and says, “Well, the dressing has cheese in it, too. Does that mean you don’t want the dressing?” Walter’s Bistro, Colorado Springs, CO

3.  Finding ordering difficult and not confident in the waiter’s understanding, I ask to speak to the chef. I am told the chef is too busy to leave the kitchen. Too many restaurants to list

Restaurants and Food Allergies

2.   During the last bite of my gluten-free and diary-free salad, I bite into a big chunk of blue cheese.  Seasons 52, Kansas City, MO

 1.  Watching a basketball game with my husband at a local sports bar, I’m excited when the bartender hands me a large gluten-free menu. I ask about the first item on the menu: Buffalo chicken wings. “Oh, you don’t want those,” she says. “They’re cooked with all the other fried foods.”  Then why are they on the gluten-free menu? “Some people just like to think they’re eating gluten-free.” Flatirons American Bar and Grill, Colorado Springs, CO

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Gluten and Allergy Friendly Bakery and Cafe

An Allergic Foodie’s Pick: New Day Gluten Free in Ellisville, MO

I just couldn’t eat another order of Chick-Fil-A French fries and fruit bowl. Don’t get me wrong–this allergic foodie is thrilled to get any fast food while on the road, but after two days in the car, I was craving something more.

Thank goodness for gluten-free/allergy-free iPhone apps!  I searched a few for the of St. Louis area.  One cafe/bakery kept popping up: New Day Gluten Free.  With a little whining and a lot of begging, I convinced my husband to pull off the Interstate and head for Ellisville, MO.

No Gluten and Allergy Friendly Bakery

New Day Gluten Free Cafe and Bakery in Elliston, MO

We found the bakery in a nondescript strip mall and parked.  When I saw the sign on the front door,  I knew I’d found the perfect lunch spot!

No gluten or allergens

No outside food allowed at New Day Gluten Free!

Once inside the small crowded cafe, I grinned from ear to ear.  Shelves were lined with not only gluten-free but allergy-free bake goods: breads, cupcakes, cookies, and so much more. I filled my arms with dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, egg-free treats–foods I hadn’t tasted in years–and headed to the busy counter to order lunch.

I always have trouble ordering in any restaurant, but this time it wasn’t because of my food allergies but because there were so many selections to choose from!  Check out the menu.

This is what I ate.

Boar's Head California Turkey Melt

California Turkey Melt without the gluten or allergens

I even bought a sandwich with homemade chips to take with me for the next day’s lunch.

When I told the owner, Kelly Patrick, how much I enjoyed my meal, she said New Day Gluten Free is the restaurant she dreamed of when she was newly diagnosed with celiac disease.

Believe me when I say New Day Gluten Free  is the restaurant all of us with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and food allergies dream of!

I know I’ll be dropping by the next time we are in St. Louis.  I recommend you do too.

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An Allergic Foodie’s Pick: New Day Gluten Free in Ellisville, MO” originally appeared in Adventures of An Allergic Foodie.