Companies That Make Life Easier

For many  months after my diagnosis of celiac disease and food allergies (dairy, eggs, corn, soy, vanilla, nutmeg, to name a few), I often left the grocery store in tears.  Sure I’d find an organic gluten-free pizza sans dairy, but wouldn’t you know soy was listed in the ingredients.  I had no idea which brands of deli meats I could buy or which gluten-free breads didn’t use corn flour.  Which chickens and cows ate soy and corn and wheat, and which fed only on grass?  I’m embarrassed to say I often found myself throwing packages back onto the shelves in total frustration.

Today food shopping has become much easier thanks, in part, to the various companies who specialize in organic and non-allergy foods.  I plan to blog about my favorites in the near future, but the first I’d like to mention is Mile High Organics, an online retailer serving Colorado’s Front Range and the first online grocer to be USCA certified.  Every Saturday a box of organic, non-genetically modified fruits and vegetables, as well as other items I’ve ordered, arrives on my doorstep.  It’s like Christmas.  Thankfully the order comes with recipes because I don’t always know how to prepare kale, beets and other veggies.  What I like best about this service is the time it saves me from scouring the produce aisles and reading packages.   I also find that it makes me try new foods and preparations, which is great for someone with leaky gut.

To see if you have such a delivery service in your area, search online organic grocers on the Web, and please share any of your favorite allergy-aware companies.